How to sponsor


The N8 AgriFood consortium was created in 2015 to tackle the future of our food system. It covers the 8 most research intensive universities in the North of England (Durham, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and York) and ranges across three main themes: Sustainable food production, resilient supply chains and improved consumption and health.

Our annual conference will be held on the 22-23 October 2019 at the Principal Hotel and our conference dinner on the evening of the 22nd at York Railway Museum. This annual conference brings together researchers, industry and external stakeholders together to look at what innovative approaches have been achieved by the N8 AgriFood consortium in food systems sustainability and what challenges and opportunities are to be addressed as the programme moves forward. The conference runs over two days with high level keynotes, panel debates, workshop sessions and an exhibition area, as well as networking over drinks and dinner at York Railway Museum.

Topics to be covered include

  • The global impact of the UK food system
  • Health & nutrition from soil to people
  • Land use, ecosystems services and natural capital
  • Urban Agriculture and Sustainable food cities
  • The role of social enterprise hybrids in delivering inclusive resilient supply chains for smallholders
  • Sustainable agriculture and diets: The role of behavioural change
  • Smart agriculture, supply chain resilience and new technologies: Industry 4.0
  • Food & agriculture policy/policy coherence
  • Food justice, food insecurity and hunger

Target audience

We estimate it will be 75% academics and 25% external stakeholders (Industry, NGO’s and government representatives) working in agri food related sectors including a mix of disciplines from plant science, engineering, business management and agritech to politics and health. We are anticipating an audience of 200-250 people from the UK and beyond. The 25% industry will come from our External Advisory board network and stakeholder contacts.

Sponsorship and exhibition options

There are 4 sponsorship options and an option to be an exhibitor only. Details of sponsorship packages are shown in the matrix overleaf.

Platinum Sponsorship is our premium sponsorship level and provides a platform to reinforce the sponsors expertise and position as Thought-Leader in the agrifood sector with the possibility for a Senior Director to address the conference attendees or an alternative to be agreed. Recognition as a premium sponsor of the Conference is given the highest priority branding among sponsor levels. Bespoke options available to negotiate for Platinum, Gold and Silver options. Which could include additional branded marketing materials.

Gold and Silver sponsorship offers the opportunity to be exclusive sponsors of the two key event components of the conference dinner and the poster and drinks reception.

If you would like to discuss sponsorship please contact us and we would be happy to explore which options might work for you.