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Symbiotec produces and markets mycelium-based eco-packaging and horticultural products in the UK and EU, using patented biotechnology from Ecovative to grow and supply to the domestic market. 

MycoCompositeTM is a biomaterials platform that binds mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, with low-cost local agricultural byproducts, to produce durable, 100% compostable materials, that meet the highest standards for sustainability. MycoComposite is a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to its plastic foam counterparts. 

Our eco-packaging system is highly adaptable and can be grown to almost any shape specification in custom moulds. The mycelium threads rapidly through the custom structure and substrate, binding it together to form a shock-resistant and durable packaging material or planter. All our products are free from fossil fuels, non-toxic, vegan, entirely home compostable, and meet the highest standards for sustainability including C2C accreditation and ISO 16929.


Global Food Security

Resilience of the UK Food System in a Global Context (GFS-FSR)
This is a major five-year programme, launched in 2016 by the Global Food Security Programme (GFS), the UK’s cross government programme on food security research. The research addresses three themes:
• Optimising the productivity, resilience and sustainability of agricultural systems and landscapes;
• Optimising the resilience of food supply chains; and
• Influencing food choice at individual and household level to both improve health and enhance food systems resilience

The programme aims to help policymakers and practitioners improve the understanding of where the major vulnerabilities of the UK food system lie and how its resilience to environmental, biological, economic, social and geopolitical shocks can be enhanced. Across UK universities and institutes, 13 collaborative research projects are producing new evidence and recommendations for policy and practice. These will help create a more efficient and resilient UK food system in a rapidly changing world. The results will help to identify and develop interventions to strengthen UK food security.


Royal Society Science Exhibition

We are bringing the highlights of the stand we took to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition and Bluedot 2019, with significant support from the N8 Agrifood Programme. 

We concentrated on conveying that food contributes about a quarter of greenhouse gas emission and that technology and consumer decisions can help reduce the impact of food on global warming. A team of over 20 Expert Communicators travelled to the events and talked with the public, supported by 10 Advisory Board members, a large fraction of whom were from N8 Agrifood. We will showcase our Farming for the Future board game, which was designed to help people learn about interventions that can lower environmental impacts. We will bring our Climate Food Challenge online game (also accessible here http://climatefoodchallenge.online/game/ ) and associated food flashcards that have been played at public events. More information is also available on our website https://www.takeabite.info/ and you can see a montage of photos and videos here https://twitter.com/i/status/1147117513437843457


BioVale is an initiative to build Yorkshire and the Humber’s capability and reputation as an innovation cluster for the bioeconomy. Our activities include supporting and promoting: networking and dialogue; research, development and demonstration; regional bio-based supply chains; entrepreneurship and inward investment and trade/export. www.biovale.org