Speakers at the N8 AgriFood Conference

Professor Tim Lang

Professor of Food Policy, City University of London

Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, Centre for Food Policy, City University of London, Northampton Square, London EC1V 0HB, UK Tel: +44-(0)20-7040-8798 email: t.lang@city.ac.uk

Tim Lang is Professor of Food Policy at City University of London’s Centre for Food Policy. Hill farming in Lancashire UK in the 1970s formed his interest in the relationship between food, health, environment, culture and political economy. He is co-author of Sustainable Diets (2017), Food Wars (2015), Unmanageable Consumer (2015), Ecological Public Health (2012) and Food Policy (2009). He was policy lead on the EAT-Lancet Commission proposing the planetary diet (The Lancet, Jan 16, 2019). His new book on the UK food system will be published by Penguin in early 2020.