Speakers at the N8 AgriFood Conference

Professor Sue Hartley OBE (Chair)

Director, York Environmental Sustainability Institute (YESI)

Sue is acting academic director of the N8 AgriFood Resilience Programme.
Her research focuses on using natural plant defences as a sustainable means of crop protection. She has a Biochemistry degree from the University of Oxford and a PhD in Ecology from the University of York. She joined the University of Sussex in 2001, and it was here where her long-standing interest in the use of silicon to increase crop resilience to drought, disease and insect pests began. In 2010 she moved to the University of York to become the founding Director of the York Environmental Sustainability Institute, an innovative research partnership bringing together leading researchers from a broad range of disciplines to tackle key global challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss and threats to food security.
To find out more about Sue’s research on the battle between plants and their pests you can watch her 2009 Royal Institution’s Christmas Lecture – ‘The 300 Million Year War’.
Sue has previously advised both the European Food Safety Authority and the European Commission on the ecological effects of genetically modified crops and is currently a member of the BBSRC’s Strategy Advisory Panel on Agriculture and Food Security, Chair of the Sustainable Agriculture Research Innovation Club, and President of the British Ecological Society. sue.hartley@york.ac.uk