Speakers at the N8 AgriFood Conference

Eric Anderson

Senior Agronomist, Scottish Agronomy

Eric Anderson took a BSc (Hons) in Agriculture at the University of Aberdeen.  He first worked as a consultant with ADAS in England for 9 years before joining SAC in Scotland for a further 10 years. He is now the Potato Specialist and Senior Agronomist for Scottish Agronomy Ltd, providing strategic consultancy and applied research to a large, UK-wide and international client base.  Eric has a wealth of practical knowledge in soil management, arable crop and grassland agronomy with over thirty four years of experience providing consultancy to commercial and farm businesses in the UK, Egypt, Japan, U.S.A., Hungary, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland. He is a Director of Scottish Agronomy Ltd.  Scottish Agronomy Ltd is the leading organisation in Scotland devoted to the provision of impartial advice to arable farmers. Scottish Agronomy Ltd member client base includes in excess of 6,500 Ha of potatoes as well as 50,000 Ha of cereals.