Speakers at the N8 AgriFood Conference

David Speller

CEO, Applied Group/OPTIFarm

Starting with the one farm of 160,000 broilers in 2004 David has built a business that today is contract farming multiple sites and is now farming 1.6M birds at any one time. David has always adopted new thinking to existing challenges from the start and is recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities on poultry technologies and digital solutions.

In addition to farming poultry David and his company Applied are involved in extensive research and innovation projects both in the UK and internationally, ensuring that innovation and new thinking remains at the core of his business. Current projects are focused on early disease detection, microbiome management and in shed robotic platforms.

As a way of sharing his knowledge and assisting other companies globally David has established the world’s only 24/7 support and optimisation centre that actively monitors and assists poultry facilities globally. The service is truly unique and is known as OPTIFarm. It is utilised by many poultry businesses to improve performance, support and train farm staff and monitor welfare.