Session 3 Speakers

Dr Diogo Souza- Monteiro (Chair)

Senior Lecturer in Agribusiness, Newcastle University

Dr Diogo Souza-Monteiro is a Senior Lecturer in Agribusiness Management at the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences (SNES) at Newcastle University, where he led and restructured the Agribusiness Management program between 2015 and 2017 and founded the Food Business Management and Marketing Program in 2017. He is also a member of the International committee of School of Natural and Environmental Sciences and the School lead for theme 2 (Resilient Supply Chains) for the N8 AgriFood Program. Diogo also serves as Chair of the Mentoring committee of the Agricultural and Applied Economists Association in the United States.

Diogos expertise is in food marketing and applied economics. His research program aims to understand how to coordinate and assure food quality attributes from farm to fork. Specifically, his research has two main streams: first he investigates how consumers use quality labels (such as nutrition, origin and ethical) in their purchasing choices. Some of this research was funded by the British Academy and investigated how digital technologies may be used to help consumers choosing healthier food baskets. Diogos second line of research investigates the role of information in supply chain coordination. A recent project, funded by the French National Institute for Agronomic Research and the University of Grenoble, investigated how monitoring and alternative payment schemes decreased the proportion of labelling fraud in collective reputation labels. I use applied econometrics methods to analyse experimental and survey data in my empirical research. He has also consulted for the European Commission and to the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (UK). Diogos work has been published in the leading outlets in agricultural economics and food marketing such as the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, European Review of Agricultural Economics and Food Policy.


Associate Professor Shane Hamilton

Senior Lecturer, The York Management School

Shane Hamilton is Senior Lecturer in Management at The York Management School, University of York. He is the author of Supermarket USA: Food and Power in the Cold War Farms Race (Yale, 2018) and award-winning Trucking Country: The Road to America’s Wal-Mart Economy (Princeton, 2008). He is associate editor of Enterprise & Society and co-editor of American Business, Politics, and Society (University of Pennsylvania Press). He has published articles on food and agribusiness in Technology & Culture, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, History of Retailing and Consumption, Enterprise & Society, Business History Review, and Agricultural History.

Dr Raymond Obayi

Researcher and assistant professor in Project, Operations, and Supply Chain Management, The University of Manchester

Raymond Obayi works as a researcher and assistant professor in Project, Operations, and Supply Chain Management at the University of Manchester Alliance Business School. He holds a Master’s degree in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management from Aberdeen, and a doctorate in Operations and Supply Chain Management from Sheffield. Prior to joining academia, he worked in the fields of retail and investment banking operations and project risk management. His is currently involved in multi-disciplinary research projects in the agro- sector exploring varieties of federated supply chain governance models and the smart contracts in food quality management, supply chain risk management, and value stream management.

Tim Aldred

Head of Policy, The Fairtrade Foundation

Tim Aldred has been Head of Policy at the Fairtrade Foundation since 2013. The Fairtrade Foundation is the UK member of Fairtrade International. His career prior to Fairtrade includes work for CAFOD and Progressio on international development programmes and policy.

Dr Judith Krauss

Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Sheffield

Judith Krauss is a post-doctoral researcher at the Sheffield Institute for International Development, University of Sheffield, following a PhD and lectureship at the Global Development Institute, University of Manchester. Building on prior experience working in public sector, private sector and civil society, her PhD researched cocoa sustainability initiatives with an environmental focus connecting Latin America and Europe, investigating value-chain stakeholder priorities across cocoa farmers, cooperatives, companies and consumers. More recently, she has also begun research on convivial conservation strategies.