About N8 AgriFood

N8 AgriFood is a unique programme working across the entire food system by combining expertise from the eight most research intensive universities in the North of England: Durham, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and York. Our interdisciplinary approach enables us to tackle the challenges facing the food system, providing critical evidence to underpin government, business and international food policy. We bring together researchers from across multiple disciplines and actively work with stakeholders along the supply chain.

We work across 3 themes which underpin the activities of our programme:

Theme 1: Sustainable Food Production
Theme 2: Resilient Supply Chains
Theme 3: Improved Consumption and Health

A key initiative under the N8 Research Partnership, the programme began in 2015 with £8m funding support from the Higher Education funding council for England and a further £1m from each N8 University. These funds have supported a wealth of activity across the agrifood sector, commonly involving 2 or more N8 universities on any initiative. There have been significant outputs for the programme including attracting over £27m of external funding for agri-food projects and the submission of £62m of agri-food funding bids. We have funded over 147 Local Pump Priming projects and 10 Strategic pump priming projects and held a variety of networking and learning events across the universities. Underpinning all our activities is the desire to influence change and generate impact.

To learn more about our programme visit the N8 AgriFood main website.